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Animated Video Marketing

Animated Video Marketing

As a busy society with 24/7 access to news, articles, photos and videos, many people don't always have the time or interest to read copy-heavy advertisements. Social media, cell phones and YouTube have all brought on a wave of video-focused consumption.

By leveraging animated video marketing, businesses can educate, inform and showcase their services through brief, engaging video content and graphics. Since we are affiliated with a professional video company, we can help you every step of the way to create a script, adjust your storyline, along with visual and sound effects. Once your video is approved and ready to go, it can live anywhere you want such as YouTube, website, social media, etc., after all…it's all yours!

Video Marketing Tips

The goal with Animated Video Marketing is to grab the attention of your viewer within the first 10 seconds. 80% of viewers will only watch a video for 0-30 seconds. Go over the minute mark and only 65% of viewers will stay with you.

  • Focus on key points; keep your word count to approximately 150
  • Attract your audience quickly
  • Think about the viewers and how the words used in your video script will impact them
  • Find the right tone for your audience
  • Consider background sound
  • Use a professional video company to make your storyboard come to life
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Custom websites made to fit your business
Your website is a 24/7 sales and educational tool. Specializing in small businesses, our custom designed websites are less than you may think and are designed specifically for your business.