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Social Media Marketing

Internet Marketing

What is Social Media

Social Media is online tools that allow community input. This can be individuals or businesses. Input types can be known as Posts, Tweets, Pins, Etc... Social Media is used for a wide variety of reasons; show off your crafts, communicate with friends and associates, tell the world who you are, or just give a brief description of your thoughts.

Hundreds of millions of Americans are using Social Media every day! Social Media isn't just for individuals - many industries use social media for searches, to engage the public, and to get their word out. Not all social media sites are beneficial for all business.

Social Media That Works

Some Social Media websites may help your business, some may not. Marketing on Social Media may not be what you think it is. Here are some Social Networking Do's and Don'ts:
  • DO talk about topics that interest your target area
  • DO maintain your account
  • DON'T update so much people get tired of hearing you
  • DON'T create a user account, throw something out, then never go back
  • DO present yourself professionally
  • DON'T always talk about yourself and your business
  • DO create some call to action items
  • DON'T ramble on and on about the same thing
  • DON'T forget something you think is funny others may not
  • DO proofread; make sure you make sense and your spelling and punctuation is correct
  • DON'T share too much about yourself
  • DO interact with your audiance

Need Some Help With Social Media?

We're here to help you in all aspects of your social media marketing. Create a calendar, write the text, engage your audience and stay consistent. We provide low price monthly options so you don't have to worry about engaging your customer and providing consistent updates.

Custom websites made to fit your business
Your website is a 24/7 sales and educational tool. Specializing in small businesses, our custom designed websites are less than you may think and are designed specifically for your business.